Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Not far from the campus is a high hill. Perched on top of the hill are a Temple and a large Cemetery. On one of my last days in Fuzhou, I hiked up the hill. The cemetery is a very interesting place! From the top of the hill there are great views of Fuzhou.

Wuyi Square

In the heart of Fuzhou is Wuyi Square. This large square is a popular spot with the local population. On one side of the square is a statue of Chairman Mao. Opposite the statue is the lovely Performing Arts Theatre. Many modern building surround this area of Fuzhou.

Images of Fuzhou 福州

Here are a few more photos of Fuzhou 福州。 Just outside the gates of our campus is the Minjiang River. The banks of the river are home to the individuals shown in these photos.

A Toast

Here is a photo of Brian and I with the shopkeepers. Our presence at the promotion was very well received! I have also included a picture of the shopkeepers and I enjoying a toast to celebrate the success of their promotion.

Street Scenes

I am always intrigued by the variety of sights you can see on the streets in these small towns and villages. I love the sense of community that you feel when you wander along and see the various shops that are ever present. Here are a few photos of life in this small town.

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacies in this part of China have an intiguing blend of both modern and traditional medicines. Here are some photos of the inside of the pharmacy where the promotion was held. I have also included some photos of more traditional prescriptions being prepared.

Promotion in Northern Fujian Province

On the weekend of June 4-6th, I was once again invited to accompany my friend Brian on a promotion for his business. We drove up to northern Fujian Province. The promotion took place in a small town just a short drive outside of Fuding. I brought my bagpipes along. Here are some photos of this very successful event.

Friday, August 21, 2009

In Class

Here are a some pictures of my students in class. As one of their projects, my English Major students worked in groups to develop power point presentations (PPTs)on a variety of topics. They are pictured here delivering their presentations to the other members of the class. The other students are engaged in a variey of oral activities.