Monday, January 12, 2009

wo de Dian Dong Che

Just after New Year's Day, my friend, Sharron, helped me purchase an electric scooter (dian dong che). I have already had a lot of fun venturing out on my scooter. It will be very convenient and will also enable me to explore parts of Fuzhou that I have not yet been able to see.


One of the impressive sights on campus at night are Konmingdeng. Wishes are made prior to lighting these beautiful paper lanterns. Once launched, they make a lovely sight drifting ever upwards into the night sky. I thought it would be a nice touch to bring in the New Year by lighting Konmingdeng and wishing everyone All the Very Best for 2009!!

The Parade

A tradition in my family is having a parade to bring in the New Year. I usually lead the parade playing my bagpipes. I thought it would be fun to share this tradition with my friends and colleagues.

The Party

After our meal, we all returned to my place for some beverages, snacks and a small party.

The Banquet

We all met at a small restaurant located on the campus. We enjoyed a delicious meal and had numerous toasts. Here are some photos of my friends and I enjoying our meal.

Happy New Year!

Xin Nina Kuai Le

Christmas Day was very different for me this year! I spent much of the day assessing students. I did have a lovely meal out with some of my good friends,however, and did manage to have good conversations with my family.
New Year's Eve saw me completing my last day of classes for the first semester. I decided to throw a party for some of my colleagues and for some of my students. I was finished my classes at noon. Albert and Samuel helped me shop for the party. Here are some pictures of Albert, Samuel, Chris West (from England) and I getting things ready at my apartment.

My Team

The team I was on placed second in the boat race held earlier in the day. Here we are proudly displaying our prizes.

Kiera and Chris

Here are two of the other foreign teachers, Kiera Derman from South Africa and Chris Fogarty from Australia. They are proudly displaying the prizes they won at the barbecue.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The woman in this photo is from Korea. She has a Ph.D. in Tea Culture. She has had a number of us over to her apartment for delicious Korean food and tea tastings. Her son is also in the photo. He is presently studying at the University.

Here is a photo of Jane and her daughter. Jane is the individual that arranged for me to work at the University. She has also been a huge help to me since my arrival.

Foreign Teachers

Here are some of the other foreign teachers. Chris (on the right) is from Australia. Keira is from South Africa. They both teach at the campus with me. James (on the left)is from Miami and teaches at a Middle School in Fuzhou.


On Saturday, December 27th, the Foreign Affairs Office held a barbecue. The foreign teachers were invited as were the staff and their families. We spent the mornining boating on the lake in the middle of the campus and then went to the beach just below my apartment for food, games and mingling. Here are a few photos taken at the barbecue.