Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Path to the Top

A well developed path leads right to the top of Taimu Shan. As I approached the summit, however, the weather began to change. By the time I reached the peak, it was very misty and a gentle drizzle had begun to fall.


Here is a photo of the beautiful temple located near the top of Taimu Shan.

Cat and Mouse Rock

As is the custom in China, many of the rock formations have interesting names. Here is a photo of Cat and Mouse Rock.

Near the top of the mountain are some very narrow passages and some intriguing caves. There are also a number of rocks that are balanced rather precariously!!

Taimu Shan 太姥山

On the weekend of May 22,23, 24th, I went with my friends Brian and Gorden to Taimu Shan (太姥山). Taimu Shan is located in Northeastern Fujian Province. In 2004 it was given the designation of National Geopark. It is a gorgeous mountain area with well developed trails and weathered granite peaks and rock formations. Here are some of my pictures of Taimu Shan.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Feast

We concluded our tour of the tea plantation with yet another delicious feast. Here is a photo of Albert's uncle and I enjoying a delicious lunch. Shortly after this photo was taken we returned to DaTian and Albert and I caught the bus back to Fuzhou. A very special and memorable weekend!!

Off to Market

Once the tea has been processed, it is placed in large plastic bags and shipped off to the tea markets.

Processing the Tea

Once the tea is harvested it is laid out in the sun to dry. It is then put through quite a complex series of steps before it is ready to be marketed. Here are some photos of the various steps taken in the drying and roasting process.


Tea is becoming a very important industry in the area around DaTian. Albert's Uncle took us out to a recently opened and very successful tea business. Here are some photos of tea being harvested in the hills near DaTian.

Albert's Uncle

Albert introduced me to another one of his uncles. Here is a photo of Albert's Uncle and me wishing one another good health.


Here are a couple of pictures of merchants in DaTian.

Da Tian 大田

The following day, Albert and I took a stroll through DaTian. Here are some photos of life in Albert and Mickey's hometown.


Our day ended with a delicious feast prepared by Mickey's Aunt.


Mickey's family took me to visit one of the largest reservoirs in Fujian Province. Here a pictures of Mickey with her mom and her grandmother. I have also included views of the lake and a new bridge that has been constructed over it. You can see from the photos that the water level has dropped significantly due to a shortage of precipitation.