Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WeiWei and Her Family

Here is a picture of WeiWei and her husband and daughter. WeiWei and her family run Moon Resort. She is an amazing woman!! She is up early in the morning preparing meals for guests, she arranges all sightseeing and transportation needs for anyone staying with her. During the day she if off on her scooter to pick up guests and/or groceries. She is up late at night making sure that all of her guests are well fed and back safe and sound from their various adventures. She is a tireless worker!! I would highly recommend Moon Resort to anyone travelling through this part of China.

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gary said...

I am getting tired just reading all the work she does in a day. Sounds like amazing energy. I'm sure the family unit is just as strong in China as it is here. I see they have stuck to the 1 child law too!!