Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fujian Countryside

This past weekend, I was invited to Brian's partner, Gorden's, hometown. Gorden's hometown is located about 40 kilometers to the southwest of Fuzhou. The town is old and quaint. It is nestled into the side of a hillside right beside a lovely river.
Up until recently, the town could only be accessed by taking a boat across the river. The area is starting to be developed now and a bridge and a road connect the town with the main road to Fuzhou.
Brian and Gorden are in the process of having a factory built not too far from Gorden's hometown. I took a couple of photos of the proud owners at the foundation of their future factory.
Gorden, Brian, and I spent the day exploring the area and swimming in a beautiful stream.
The area has very rugged topography, lush vegetation and is very beautiful!!
We completed our outing by enjoying a delicious meal at a local restaurant before returning to Fuzhou in the late afternoon.
A most enjoyable day!!

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