Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Apartment

My apartment is located on the campus of Fujian University of Forestry and Agriculture. Altogether it has six rooms. It has a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a large bedroom where my computer work station is set up, a second large bedroom for guests, an eating room and a T.V room which also contains my fridge.

Here are a few photos of my apartment:


Alasdair Reid said...

Hi Dad,

Glad to see you've made it safely. Your accomodation looks pretty good and hopefully Mel & I will get a chance to utilise your guest bedroom at some point. I'll try and call you soon.

Love, Alasdair

gary said...

Hey Uncle Sandy...i didn't see a bottle of single malt on the counter or a good cigar ashtray....but i must say...what a lovely couch!!! A good plastic see-through cover and it will be as good as new!! Looks good for a start though...the campus looks fantastic and modern. Cheers mate.....Gary